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Pochádza z Považskej Bystrice a piano sa stalo jej životnou láskou i osudom. Miška pôsobí v Berlíne, kde organizuje koncerty, vyučuje hru na klavír a naplno žije v tamojšej umeleckej komunite. 

Počúvajte Štúdio Svet na vlnách Rádia Slovensko

X Minor Karin_edited_edited_edited_edite

 X Minor

The following song is dedicated to the first female president of Slovakia Ms. Zuzana Čapútová. Thank you to the great music producer Billy Mello for enabling this song to be heard!

Ms. FireflyMischka
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Welcome to my musical journey. My next upcoming EP will be released this winter and I am looking forward to sharing it with you soon.


Next live performance

23.12.2023 1-3pm

Art on the Ave 

33 Maiden Lane, Manhattan 

New York City 

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“Big Thank you to Michaela Tomaníková who did a fantastic job for John-Henrys Birthday, played all his favourite songs and is a true professional on the piano.”

Dave Upton ​


During the past three months 108 Fine Art has worked with composer Matt Dawson,so far several obscure pieces of music have been deciphered including Leducs, Le Chatelain: Fantaisie a la Valse for Piano and Bertini’s, 24 Studies for Piano, Opus 32. Michaela Tomaníková will perform a selection of ‘found’ musical works at the ‘Reflections’ exhibition which will include examples of Joash’s ‘musical collages’.

Andrew Stewart


“Also in May Michaela Tomanikova performed ‘Metronome’ as part of her second year recital at York St John University; she certainly had the concentration and strength which the music requires, with its relentless repetition and ringing chords, and she showed great understanding of the music’s structure – I hope she plays it again!”

​David Lancaster


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